More LS7 Designs Being Built

Like so many home owners are beginning to realize a new landscape can make or break your home. The benefits are clear, a piece of mind knowing your property looks great and a higher resale value. It’s no fib, a maintained property can bring more value to not only your home but the entire neighborhood. Let me tell you something you may not know. There are in fact professional landscape design services offered at affordable prices. Landscape Studio 7 and it’s employees put forth such a professional landscape design package at a price any one can afford.

Here is the typical landscape design process from LS7:

Existing Front yard and Entrance.

Starting with a site visit and the existing conditions LS7 draws up a plan. From here they develope a design based on the home owners interests and needs. Here a plan was done in phases with the front yard to be installed first.

Site plan for entire property

Some main features of the design are the vegetable garden and front entrance sequence. A tree covered back yard meant the only sunny area on site was a corner of the front yard. This was a good opportunity to tie in the granite foundation, most of the houses on the block including this one have beautiful large granite stone foundations. The use of granite slabs to retain the soil for the garden allowed for a level and well drained area. The existing front entrance had lost it’s old world charm, overgrown yew bushes do not offer much appeal. A simple jog in the edging created a plant bed allowing for two granite pillars to frame the entrance. Perennial grasses and annual color draw your attention to not only  to the detail in the granite but now the homes front facade.

3D Images were used to help understand the overall idea

3D design is always used in Landscape Studio 7’s process. Not only does this help the client see our vision but provides LS7 with an idea on how to include specific features, materials and colors. What this does exactly is enhance our design, the customers experience and the project management by being able to choose materials.

Built Work: Granite pillars frame the front entrance.

It is always exciting to see your design being built, here the install was completed by Ciro Carbone Landscaping. The family was very pleased with the new look and the inexspensive overhaul which took place.

If your interested to see your homes potential please contact LS7 today. | | 617 548 0015

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